Welcome to my musical home page.  In this site you will find information (and sound bites) from every song I have written and recorded (so far that is!).  My music is for sure retro in style, but my musical journey ranges from good old East Coast jigs and reels, to blues, R&B, rock and roll, and a bunch of other stuff that I can't categorize.

All songs were recorded at Bonehead Studios.  Bonehead Studios is my home recording studio based in Ontario.

Other than the fact that I love making music, I record songs to do my small bit to help the world.   All the proceeds from sales of my CD's (i.e. 100%) are donated to charity (each CD has a different charity).

In addition, I have the honour to be joined by a bunch of musical friends who donate their time and talent to the cause!

I hope somewhere in this stuff you can find something you like!